A brief​.​.​.

by Encounter

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released May 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Encounter I Jmuiden, The Netherlands

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Track Name: Snake Skin
Her lips
Are a permanent grin
Her green eyes
Are always smiling

Her hair
Long, curly and blonde
And her body
Ideal sizes, slim and round

And when she walks by in shorts on high heels
My breath stocks
I cannot talk
She wears clothes that fit like a Snake Skin (2x)

My heart, atomically bouncing
And my head: almost exploding!

She plays extremely hard to get
Stop playing, don’t let me sweat!!

Her touch so soft as a wing
And seductive as a bird in the spring

She smiles and I melt down
She says: “Fuck off, don’t follow me around!”

Oooohhhh when she looks at me
She knows how I feel
She knows what I feel
She will not let me in
She will not let me into her heart

She..... Wears..... Clothes.....
Track Name: Business As Usual
A normal working day
You leave home just in time
Commuter like lemmings
In a vicious circle

Motorized monsters
Yield to the right
Pedestrian nightmare
Move or you'll die

Decisions, divisions
Whose head has to roll
A day at the office
Who'll take a fall

Decisive decisions
No henchmen alike
You are in
You are out
And thank you, have a nice day!

Metallical streams, critters on wheels
No motion, slow motion
Don't park in my space
The entrance is still sealed off
Security smiles
You're in and on your way!

In a hive shaped building
Where they struggle and crawl
Kiss your way up the ladder
Ignore those who fall

Comet like movement
And a cardiac arrest
There's never a loser,
If no one is the best!
Track Name: I Laugh At You
After all those years
I’m finally looking through your tears
You don’t rule me,
You don’t fool me.
Trying to convince
To see all things differently
Your tears will dry
When you just say goodbye!

Now I understand the sleazy way of how you think
You don’t rule me,
You don’t fool me.
And now you must agree
This is just painfully
But I don’t care
Because you were never there!

I laugh at you
I laugh at you
You don’t rule me,
You don’t fool me.
Go and play with the others
You go and play with the others

What I still believe is
What you’ll finally receive
What you give and how you live
One day you will meet
Someone like you that’s evil and bad
And wait, just wait and see!!

You say you don’t own me
You do what you want to do
I won’t stop you anymore
I’ll wave and close the door
You don’t rule me anymore,
You don’t fool me anymore.
Track Name: Games
All seven seals
Have been broken
Every evil in this world
Disturbing the balance
Between good and evil
Man and spirit
And anything that’s left out

So you have stumbled
Blind into this nightmare
You’ve set the stage
For the apocalypse
The only man
Who can stop it all now
Who bears the mark,
Is the chosen one?

In full motion video
And all in surround
All plots with multiple endings
And push button sound
You run or you hide
Or fight to be free
Create your own world
No one has seen

Frighteningly detailed In a 3-D world
With interactive objects
And predatory demons
Terrifying adventures
Unlike you've seen
Presented before you
In different scenes

The forces of darkness
Are gathering for
A final showdown
Like the ultimate war
The realm of the haunted
Still dark after dawn
Sweat on my eyebrow
Switch off......................

Track Name: Hot Blood
I’m trying to keep up to speed
With the images you feed
They get me so confused
Give me the feeling of being abused
The way you’re looking at me
Is what you must agree?
I’m just a guy
You rape me with your eyes

Give me something cold
Give me ice to hold
Got to get the pressure down
My Hot Blood
Just pumping around
Give me a cold blood transfusion
I have come to this conclusion
Hot Blood

Oh, this is something...
This is something, but what?
Hot blood
Hot blood

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